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Medical Report

Medical Report

An Australian Research team conducted an in-depth study of the electrokinetic neuromuscular stimulating machine, evaluating the safety and effectiveness of the device as a method of localized adipose tissue (fat) reduction. The following is an excerpt of their report, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, Vol: 1-63. No 21.

“This apparatus tested is an automatically cycling, multiple output, neuromuscular stimulator which produces trains of pulses with variable repetition frequency. The pulses produce rhythmic muscular contractions fed to the muscle by skin contact electrodes. It is claimed that repeated applications of such pulse stimulation produce a breakdown of adipose tissue by localized passive exercise to the muscle, and affords a generalized size and weight reduction.

The usual treatment session lasts one hour, and is repeated three to five times weekly. During the treatment period of 4 to 6 weeks the patient is given some simple dietary rules but generally no caloric restrictions are imposed.

Forty moderately obese female patients attended clinics in Sydney and Melbourne. All patients were volunteers. At the beginning of the trial, patients were photographed, measured, and weighed. Surface measurements were made at predetermined body points before, during and at the end of the trial.


Patients were given six weeks of treatment (3 one-hour sessions per week) followed by a four-week break. They were then required to participate in a second six-week course of treatments, after which final measurements were made.

No attempt was made to regulate patients’ diet or exercise during the four-week middle period. The age range of the patients were 13 to 62 with an average age of 34 years.

All patients completing the trial lost weight in significant amounts. Weight losses ranged from 5 lbs to 48 lbs with an average weight loss of 17.6 lbs. Twenty patients (50%) lost less than 7 lbs but even in this group significant losses were noted in specific tissue regions such as the upper arms, abdomen and particularly in the thighs.

There were no side effects of the treatment, and all patients expressed satisfaction with the weight and tissue losses achieved.

The Apparatus provides a safe and effective modality for localized adipose tissue reduction and general weight removal. This change is brought about by the application of high frequency pulses to muscle groups at regular intervals. Statistically significant reductions in localized tissue regions and in general body weight occurred in all 40 patients in this series.

Dr. R.G. Moore

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