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Main Event Red Carpet Lounge + Green Suite
ECO Emmy’s Celebrity
Green Gifting + Wellness Chateau

Malin Akerman & Elma Vann
(Trophy Wife)
Deidre Hall
(Days of our Lives)
Hakeem Kae-Kazim
(Black Sails)
Lee Reherman
(Star Trek Into Darkness)
Brando Eaton
(American Sniper)

Main Event Red Carpet Lounge and Green Suite at Studio 944
81st Annual Academy Awards

Elma Vann & Patrika Darbo
(Desperate Housewives)
Kathryn Joosten
(Desperate Housewives, Scrubs)
Molly Shea
(Sunset Tan)
Patrika Darbo
(Devious Maids)
Kaki West
(The Girls Next Door)

Dazzling Daytime Emmy Suites

Katie Cleary & Anya Monzikova
(How To Get Away with Murder & Bones)
Traci Bingham
(The Apprentice)
Emme Rylan
(General Hospital)
Bryan Dattilo & Emme Rylan
(Days of our Lives / General Hospital)
Kristoff St. John
(Emmy Winner – The Young and the Restless)
WWE Wrestler

Emmy Suites – Little Black Dress

Elma Vann & Jimmy-Jean Louis
Marcus Shirock
(Hercules Reborn)
Miguel A. Nunez Jr.
(Basketball Girlfriend)

“Get Entertainment” Filming
Marcus Shirock & Roland Kickinger
(Hercules Reborn & Terminator Salvation)

I have been in the slimming and beauty industry for over 15 years. This work is my passion! I am constantly researching to bring my clients the very best in electrotherapy treatments. That is why I use the SlimmingMachine – to achieve optimal results.

The SlimmingMachine beauty secret may not be well known in America, but I grew up in South Africa where it was practically a way of life.  There were numerous salons that only offered electrotherapy. No massages, or facials, only slimming treatments, so great was the demand for this service!

After moving to Los Angeles, I apprenticed with the creator of the South African slimming method for 2 years in a Beverly Hills salon. Eventually I started providing house calls for clients with limited time and those who didn’t want to be spotted by the paparazzi at a slimming salon!

Today I am using the most advanced equipment on my clients. I also offer a home SlimmingMachine for either purchase or lease. I have never had a client who didn’t lose inches after completing a series of treatments and it would be my pleasure to help you reach your weight loss goals!

– Elma Vann

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